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Ibarra tourism


Only 30 minutes from Otavalo you can find the city of Ibarra, the capital of the Province Imbabura.

Known as “La Ciudad Blanca”, the streets are cobbled and colonial architecture is found in the historical center. You can visit the beautiful squares of Pedro Moncayo and La Merced, which offer many things for you and your family to enjoy.

Ibarra has a traditional atmosphere and each place has something of the past but also is connected to the now, with local architecture mixing modern elements with the more traditional buildings.

Very close you can visit Yahuarcocha Lake, a place of natural beauty filled with stories and legends which will invoke the memories of the times of Tahuantinsuyo Empire. Its name means the ´Lake of Blood´ in the local language.

It is the ideal place for recreation, to enjoy the Andean landscape and to taste the local tilapias (local fish speciality).



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