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Atuntaqui tourism


Atuntaqui is located only 10 minutes from Otavalo following the Panamericana north. A big sign will welcome you to Atuntaqui, a small town in the province of Imbabura. Its proper name is Antonio Ante but it is well known as Atuntaqui.

This small city has been named the ´Industrial Centre for Fashion´. Due to its textile tradition it has become a great commercial centre for clothing. In the centre of town you can find a big variety of shops that offer you every type of textile product for you and your family.

Atuntaqui has a spring like climate with an average temperature of 18°C due to its situation in the Andean valley.

Atuntaqui is also known for its traditional cuisine, where you can enjoy, with your family, the delicious ´fritada´ (specially cooked pork) accompanied by typical ice creams, various sweets such as ´panuchas´, ´rosquetas´, ´mojicones´ and ´suspiros´, various foods made from corn or the delicious roasted ´cuyes´ (guinea pig) in Chaltura and Natabuela.


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